Terms and Conditions

This page contains the terms and conditions that will govern your access and the usage of the website and its services. Please read the page and terms listed in the section carefully. These terms and conditions are effective as of Feb 2nd, 2019.

By accessing the website, you will agree to bound by the terms and conditions, all applicable laws and regulations that are mentioned below. The material contained in the website is protected by the applicable copyright and trademark laws.


All the contents available on the StartUp Council website that is web pages, web forms, programming, software codes, tools, kits, object libraries, third-party source codes, any upgrades, updates, releases, enhancements, modifications, graphics, images, design, flyers, content, data, information, are operated and licensed by StartUp Council.

  • The term Entrepreneur will refer to any person who have contacted us with an idea, prototype build, an MVP model, a Startup or a business.
  • Skilled Professionals are those members who are registered with us with specific skill set that could be leveraged in appropriate startups in return for money, shares, equity or other forms of payment as agreed with the Entrepreneur.
  • The term Service Providers or Business Partners will refer to any firm, such as legal or marketing, who the Startup will partner with for specific needs.
  • Mentors are those members who are registered with us and are interested in mentoring Entrepreneurs and Startups. These are accomplished entrepreneurs by themselves, Corporate Executives and Business Personnel’s etc.
  • The term Investors will refer to any individual or entity interested in funding a startup in return for a share or ownership of the startup as agreed with the Entrepreneur.

Intellectual Property Rights and Acceptable Use of the StartUp Council and Services

All the material and content available on the website is the sole property of the StartUp Council and its licensors. This material and content are protected by the United States and foreign copyright, trademark and other laws. As all the content of the website is copyrighted, it is prohibited and illegal to copy, modify and to use the content on some other website or in any networked computer environment without any prior notice from StartUp Council. The content can include design logo and certain other names or logos such as service marks and all related product and service names, design marks and slogans. Also, the look and feel of the website that includes the color combinations, button shapes, layout, design and all other graphical elements are also secured and copyrighted by StartUp Council.

To access and use the services of the website, you will represent, warrant and agree that you are not less than 13 years old. In case you are younger than 13 years old it is advised to terminate your account otherwise the company will take certain actions against you and your account. If you are less than 18 years old, then you can access the website and its services under the supervision of the parents, lawful guardian or another responsible adult.

We welcome your comments and remarks as it helps us to improve our services. In case you have any creative ideas or thoughts, suggestions or inventions feel free to contact us.

Disclaimers and Limitations on StartUp Council’s Liability

StartUp Council’s website and ecosystem is a platform for Entrepreneurs, Skilled Professionals, Service Providers, Mentos and Investors to come and work together for the betterment and economic development of the society. The StartUp Council will act as a facilitator for the Entrepreneur to bring together resources for the startup, develop and run the Entrepreneur’s business. The council will take utmost care when dealing with intellectual property of the Entrepreneur and only upon the verbal or written consent of the Entrepreneur will share the, need to know basis, details with others during the process of recruiting resources for the said project. However, the StartUp Council takes no responsibility of the theft of the Intellectual Property if happens outside of the core committee of the StartUp Council. The StartUp Council will be available to mentor, guide and provide resources to the project, but, the ultimate decision of resource engagement and project execution lies with the Entrepreneur.

The Skilled Professionals, Service Provides, Business Partners, Mentors, Investors will not enter into agreement or legal contract with the StartUp Council, but with the Entrepreneur and his or her business organization. The StartUp Council, when needed, will short list and put forth the list of above said resources and provide guidance and recommendations to the Entrepreneur, who will then make his or her decision. Though the recommendations and intentions of the StartUp Council will be in the best interest of the Entrepreneur and its organization, it is advised that the Entrepreneur do research and due diligence when engaging other resources and making decisions.

When individuals or service providers sign up with the StartUp Council, it is understood that they are interested to be a part of appropriate startups. So, their information will be shared, as and when needed, with startups and businesses, in the interest of providing employment and financial benefits to the individuals or service providers. Apart from the intellectual property (the business idea), all the information provided by different individuals and service providers are considered as non-sensitive and will be available for sharing as and when needed. If the individual or service provider have signed up and would like to be removed from our list of resources, then please contact us immediately to take necessary actions.

We can change and revise the terms and conditions any time, and that is why it is advised to keep visiting this section to keep yourself updated.