StartUp Council is a platform for Startups, Entrepreneurs, Service Providers, Skilled Professionals, Mentors, Investors and anyone who is looking for business opportunities or business connections. All members and visitors accessing our site are subject to our Privacy Policy. The policy is within the terms of use.

All registered users of our services are Members and may avail the services and share their information ranging from their professional identities to hobbies. They may share expert knowledge and insight by being a part of the network or when working with a startup. Unregistered viewers ‘Visitors’ can access our generally available materials on our website.


As StartUp Council, we hold the rights to adjust and update the privacy policy and make you aware of these changes by posting online, notifying via email, etc.


1. How We Collect The Data

1.1 Registration

The registration or the sign up is the process of submitting your information through one or more forms available on the website. Depending upon what forms you fill, we collect information related to your identity, location, startup and professional experiences, etc.

1.2 Emails, Phone and Social Media

We also collect the data when you contact us through email, phone, text, contact us form on the website or through any of our social media accounts.

1.3 Your Device and Location

When you access our site, we have tools embedded within our system that detect your device details. These include; operating system, web browser, add-ons, and IP address. After you leave the site, the URL of the site you went to next and the URL you came in to access our website gets stored. If you are using a mobile device, the device identifier features on our website picks up your mobile’s ISP, the kind of device you are using and location depending on your phone settings.

1.4 Cookies, and other similar Technologies

We use Cookies and other technologies to identify you and your device, which you regularly use to access the website. These tools are solely for business purpose as they help us to suggest services that you might like and any activities that might be in your region. However, you have an option of switching off the cookie on your browser settings. Switching off cookies ensure your activities online are exclusive.

1.5 Polls and Surveys

At times, we will send polls and surveys, maybe to check how satisfied you are with our services, or requesting for your feedback or suggestions, or surveys on how we can help you. While it helps us better serve you if you respond to those surveys, it is no obligation to you. You can choose to ignore them or provide limited responses.


2. What Do We Do With The Data

The data we collect is used to engage the individuals or service providers in appropriate startups and businesses that require the type of services or skill set they have to offer. It is also used to connect with other professionals and businesses.

2.1 Communication

Once you fill any of the forms, the data gets stored in our database. We may send you emails or text messages sharing information which may be related to StartUp Council, announcements, educational webinar details, updates etc.

2.2 Startup Engagement

We may reach out to you to engage in appropriate startups. Depending upon what skill set you have or service, we will connect you with the Startup that requires your expertise. Providing your services to such startup is no obligation to you, but an offer if you wish to be a part of it for professional, networking or financial benefits.

2.3 Stay Connected

The platform can be utilized for establishing and maintaining connections for professional and entrepreneurial growth. As a member, you can connect with businesses, colleagues, and clients.

2.4 Surveys

In the interest of further developing our services and user experience, we conduct polls and surveys. Questions are sent to individual members through their emails and sometimes a link on the website depending on the nature of the survey. While we highly appreciate you responding to the surveys, it is no obligation. There are no constraining policies on members to respond to the questions. At times, the polls are just posted on the website where visitors can also participate in the survey. Such surveys are usually to determine market expansion.


3. How We Share The Information

3.1 Startups and Businesses

We may reach out to you to engage in appropriate startups. Depending upon what skill set you have or service, we will connect you with the Startup that requires your expertise. It may also possible that we may share your information with entrepreneurs and businesses requiring your expertise. Whether you provide your services to them or not, is entirely up to you.

3.2 Legal Disclosures

We might share your personal data with authorities if we have reason to believe it is the right move.


4. Your Choices

4.1 Sensitive Information

If you have shared sensitive information or about to share such information, then let us know during the first contact with us and we will take necessary precautions when engaging resources. You can also email or call us to discuss the sensitivity.

4.2 Data Retention

We retain your data as long as you wish. We will have your information in our database and may share it with other unless you sent us an email requesting to be removed.

4.2 Choices of Receiving Notifications

If you have subscribed to the StartUp Council, but no longer wish to receive announcements, updates and offers, simply unsubscribe.


5. Additional Information

5.1 Security

We regularly monitor our systems and use tools such as HTTPS to safeguard data of our members. Though we have other security measures in place, there is no guarantee for the security of any information that you sent or share through this platform.

5.2 Contact Information

There are several modes in which you can contact us for inquiries and complaints. These modes are listed on our Contact Us page. Any questions regarding this privacy policy are also welcome.