Mission Statement

Establish a system that provide “Zero entry barrier” to technology startup entrepreneurs.

What do we do?

Bring innovative ideas from the community to fruition by providing a comprehensive support system to technology entrepreneurs. We are an equal opportunity organization created to help community members to take the lead and become frontrunners in technology. We anticipate and align Startup’s resources, skills, mentoring and financing requirements.

The StartUp council will provide network opportunities for entrepreneurs, business partners, investors, and skilled professionals. Our ultimate mission is to share our knowledge, expertise, and network to help you succeed.

Who we are?

We are technologists, entrepreneurs, investors, experts and thought-leaders who have come together to guide and support young minds to transform their innovative ideas to startup companies. We have ventured into the entrepreneurial world and gained insight through years of experience.

Meet the Team

The committee is comprised of industry experts across a variety of verticals, who provide guidance to entrepreneurs in the areas of public relation, social marketing, funding, legal, business development, outsourced manufacturing, marketing and branding etc.

Want to join us?