Is there a fee to sign up with the StartUp Council?

No, there is no fee to sign up with us.

Who can join the StartUp Council?

StartUp Council is a platform for Entrepreneurs, Skilled Professionals, Service Providers, Mentors and Investors. Each of these verticals have specific forms that provides us access to your information. You can simply subscribe to emails if you just want to receive updates, announcements and newsletter from the organization

Can I sign up on more than one form?

Yes, absolutely. If you are interested to be a part of more than one vertical (i.e. different forms), then you can sign up accordingly.

I don't live in the US, can I still sign up?

Yes, the platform encourages everyone to join irrespective of region, race , religion or gender

I have filled the application, when can I get a response?

If you have filled out the idea submission form for the entrepreneurs, then you will get a response within 24-48 hours. If you have filled other forms, then we will reach out to you with suitable opportunities and projects.

Intellectual Property

Will the startup council entertain all the ideas?

All the ideas go through the process of review, research and vetting. Based on the analysis, the council will decide whether to engage the idea or not.

What startup ideas can be submitted?

Any idea for a startup can be submitted. It can be in any field; Engineering, Healthcare, IT and Software, AI, etc.

Will my startup idea be safe?

Yes, we treat your idea as a trust and we will take utmost care when dealing with intellectual property of the Entrepreneur and only upon the verbal or written consent of the Entrepreneur will share the, need to know basis, details with others during the process of recruiting resources for the said project.

Will there be an NDA and contract between the resources and firms engaged on a startup?

Yes, everyone engaged on a startup will have to sign an NDA and a contract.

Does the StartUp Council assist with patents and contracts?

StartUp Council will connect you with the legal and accounting firms who can assist you with legal matters.

Member Engagement

How will the people engaged on a startup collaborate?

The mode of collaboration would depend on the policies of the startup. In general, the collaboration would be online using standard online tools.

Will a mentor be assigned to every startup?

Yes, depending upon the state and need of the startup, a mentor will be assigned.

Can service providers such as a legal, marketing, development and manufacturing firms be a part of a startup?

Yes, the Business Partner's form is specifically for service providers.

Who pays for the work done for a startup and how?

The payment agreement will be between the entrepreneur (the startup company) and the people working on that startup. The StartUp Council will only facilitate the resources, conversation and guidance as needed. The services will be paid with money, shares or equity, depending upon the startup

Can any member be a part of the StartUp Council's board or Volunteer committee?

If you are interested to be a part of the committee, then contact us at [email protected]

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